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filename handling - extra dots/spaces?

I had a file in the media section of umbraco that looked like this: "myRead%20help.fw.png" When it was requested from the server via crop up resizing with crop alias, URL was: /CropUp/600x-con...

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Default not always the full image

A collection of similar sized (dimensions and Mb-wise) have been uploaded and on a few images, the "Default" crop is not of the full / entire image. I cannot see any major differences between the...

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url generation - cache

We are using cropup on a site which has a varnish cache in front of it. When you alter a crop, the URL generated by @CropUp.GetUrl(imageUrl, new ImageSizeArguments { CropAlias = "banner", Width=...

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CMYK and GREYSCALE color profile

Hi First, thanks for a great plugin! We are facing some difficulties with some jpeg images with CMYK and GREYSCALE colorprofile, that’s not accepted by CropUp. I saw that ImageGen supports CMYK...

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border on image

I just discovered a small issue where a jpeg I loaded but never adjusted the crop handles for ended up being generated with a 1px border on the left and right of the image. I fixed this by adjusti...

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Alias not cropping

Im trying to use this plugin for the first time but I cant get it to work. If I do '300x300' the pic gets cropped (but just at random place not where I set the red dot in the Media Section. <xsl:va...

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Crop fails if alias contains number

While this is tempting, it wont work: <add alias="widget1" name="Widget 1" width="270" height="145" /> <add alias="widget2" name="Widget 2" width="370" height="229" /> but this will: <add...

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Alias fails if not all lowercase letters

If the alias name contains uppercase letters or a dash or underscore (all valid characters in a URL) the original image is returned instead of the cropped image.

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Error creating type Eksponent.CropUp.Umbraco.UmbracoDefaults

In the log I see the following error sometimes: Error creating type Eksponent.CropUp.Umbraco.UmbracoDefaults System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Het doel van een aanroep heeft een uitz...

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Image (corrupt?) is killing my site

I have an image which I have attached which is causing my site to crash (endless refresh) if CropUp is used. The image uploads to the media section fine but if you then reselect the media node th...

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