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Potential Endless Loop


There seems to be a bug somewhere in the connection between CropUp and Jcrop (when editing the crops in the Umbraco Media section) - if some specific conditions are met, the browser enters an endless loop upon selecting one of the crops specified.

One case that seems to trigger this more often than not (for me) is if I have an image with the same width and height as the crop selected.

I've tried debugging it and it happens inside the loadData() method of CropUp.Editor.js - if some condition is met, it will call the release() method of the Jcrop object. This in turn will fire the onRelease() event which is mapped to a function calling the setCropData() method, which will (conditionally) call the loadData() method, creating an endless loop.


IDisposable wrote Sep 23, 2013 at 5:02 PM

Looks like when then crop aspect ratio is an EXACT match of the native image.