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Alias not cropping


Im trying to use this plugin for the first time but I cant get it to work. If I do '300x300' the pic gets cropped (but just at random place not where I set the red dot in the Media Section.
<xsl:value-of select="Eksponent.CropUp:UrlByMediaId(@id, 'bildspelsbild')"/>
If I try to use an alias instead (<xsl:value-of select="Eksponent.CropUp:UrlByMediaId(@id, '300x300')"/>)the pic dosnt get cropped at all.. In my web.config I have this:
      <add name="CropUpUrls" type="Eksponent.CropUp.Plugins.CleanUrls"></add>             
      <add name="Eksponent.CropUp.Plugins.ImageResizerPlugin"></add>

  <!-- <cropUp configSource="config\Eksponent.CropUp.config" />  -->
  <cropUp referenceWidth="620" referenceHeight="480">
      <add name="media" value="~/media"></add>
      <add name="default" value="~/Content"></add>
      <add alias="bildspelsbild" name="Bildspelsbild" width="870" height="365" />
Im using v1.0b8 in umbraco 4.11.1. The url looks good: /CropUp/bildspelsbild/media/189478/img.jpg

I have no idea what ive missed.. PLEASE help!