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Hide or choose cropping type

first post: Barbacan wrote: Hi, in my config file I defined several crop alias. When I upload a...

Image crop has black edges

first post: ascendinternet wrote: I have a crop defined as width=450 and height=230. A JPEG image of ...

latest post: agrath wrote: I just had a similar issue with white bars on the edges of my image...

Does Cropup work on IIS 6?

first post: nheilbuth wrote: I moved an Umbraco solution from IIS7 to IIS6 and all images gener...

latest post: nheilbuth wrote: ...and being a bit more rested this morning I realise there is an i...

App pool needs to recycle before changes take effect

first post: eoutvik wrote: See post on

UMP Flickr image?

first post: raly76 wrote: First of all. This looks like a really great package. I haven't tr...

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